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December 6, 2016
I like erythritiol. By itself the flavor is less sweet than table sugar and has an "off" flavor. However, mixed with sacharrin it has a taste and sweetness very similar to sugar. Truvia is a combination of stevia extract and erythritol but has a strong vanilla flavor. The erythritol/sacharrin blend is neutral. The other sweeteners (aspertame, assulfame K, sucrolose) all seem to give me problems and do so for others as well. Neither sacharrin nor erythritol are thought to pose any hazard nor does my body complain. Note: there is no warning label on sacharrin anymore. The only animal for which it was found to cause cancer is male rats. No other species nor female rats are effected. Saccharin doe, like other artificial sweeteners, adversely effects your microbiome. So use sparingly.

Erythritol is a 'sugar alcohol' (not really an alcohol but named so because of its molecular structure). The other sugar alcohols do not get absorbed into the body and pass right through. Although humans cannot digest sugar alcohols, bacteria can. This is why sugar alcohols cause diarrhea in larger quantities. Just like those who cannot digest lactose, the little buggers go to town on the unabsorbed carbohydrate. Erythritol does get absorbed and thus does not pose a GI problem. The body absorbs erythritol but does not metabolize it. The kidneys remove it unchanged with no effect on blood sugar. (Presumably you could process your urine and use it again.)
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