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September 19, 2017
Best sheets ever. And this is probably my second or third review ever of any product.

Pros: soft and silky without feeling "slick" or slippery; they stay in place and are easy to glide around in, even for a pajama sleeper; the set came with pillow cases and a top sheet (buyer beware, no all "sets" come with these items); the cooling technology works. Mind you, if you are suffering from periodic nightsweats no sheet in the universe can solve that. With these, however, my occasional sweat episodes are limited to me waking up feeling hot. I sit up for a minute to regulate my body temp then slip back into the DRY sheets to get back to sleep.

Beautifully packaged. Remarkably comfortable. I balked at the price until I got them -- won't be buying anything else in the future. We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed -- do yourself the favor of making that 1/3 the best part of your day.

Edited to add: LOL. Just posted this in DH name, not sure I can edit that. John is not sweaty, that's me. Lol.
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