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Reviewed in the United States on July 8, 2016
I'm a wax melt junkie. You name them, I've tried them but I have to say Shortie's Candle Company is one of my favorite brands for wax melts.

The wax is very highly scented. I've only needed to use one cube at a time to have a fairly large room filled with fragrance. With other brands I would need 2 cubes, sometimes 3 for the same amount of fragrance as one cube of Shortie's. It's very easy to pop a cube out of the container, the wax is soft (but not mushy) so it comes out with no effort. Since the wax is softer than most, it melts quicker thus filling a room with fragrance in less time.

The apple afternoon fragrance is lovely. It smells just like a fresh baked pie. The sweet aroma of fresh picked apples mixed with a little sweetness and spice. I have 2 cats and a rabbit in my home. Even with daily maintenance of the litter box/cage I know there is still an animal smell but I've gone nose-blind to it. However when I'm cleaning the litter box or the rabbit cage I can always smell that gross pet odor. Shortie's wax melts have enough fragrance to cover those not so pleasant pet smells. So whenever I have guests over and I'm unsure if the house smells of my pets or whenever I'm doing pet maintenance. I turn on my wax warmer and pop in a cube and before long all I can only smell the scent of fresh baked apple pies.

They might be a little pricier than some other brands of wax melts but Shortie's Candle Company wax melts are worth every penny.
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