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Reviewed in the United States on September 26, 2018
I had to post this review so fast as I got instant relief. I already had a bad back with degenerative disc disease and more when I fell a couple weeks ago on my newly installed handicap ramp. Irony, I know, right...Anyways my back was hurting more and more each day coupled with intense hip pain. When seeing my orthopedic Dr. for my hip, we discovered that when I fell I fractured atleast 2 vertebrae. Im awaiting more results on an MRI. They are compression fractures in my lower back. Compressing not only on each other but it seems on the nerves as well for main spine.
When I put this brace on, the support for my back gave me instant relief. Its been days dealing with this so Im elated. The compression that it affords you is great. Its fully adjustable by you, so you can adjust to what feel best. I know Im supposed to wear it very snug as the dr. said it will help stabalize the area until we can better access it with the MRI. It feels better more snug. I understand now what other reviewers were saying about it staying put and not bunching up. It does stay put which is another awesome feature. The stabilizer bars help it keep its form as well. Ive had braces before and tossed them just as fast as I put them on. This one will be staying. Im actually goibg to order another on for my daughter whom has back issues as well. She said WOW as soon as she put it on!!
If she says something is good and comfortable we should buy stock in the company as shes very picky. So I cant thank you enough today for the relief Ive gotten. Ill be able to get around the house better and feel safer doing it with the brace to stabilize and support my lower back. I have a big frame and am heavy so I ordered the XXL and its perfect. Id say by picking that size for me that they are pretty true to sizes offered.
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