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Reviewed in the United States on April 18, 2019
Card appears to have come in "real" looking packaging. Nevertheless something just feels off about it. The bottom of the card looks like a dark green circuit board and not the traditional black that would match my other cards. Needless to say sketchy.

I have tested the storage capacity of the card by transferring files from an internal SSD to an internal card reader on the laptop. Not once did the card ever jump above 20 MB/s. For reference, my other cards, performing an identical test wrote the same files to the card in the 50-60MB/s range. I will say that it did hold 59GB in my testing.

In closing I will be returning the card.

I went out and bought the exact same card from Sam's club. It also has the green back that looks like it came from a circuit board. The new card also transferred files in the 50 to 60 MB/s range. Out of curiosity, I went back to the sketchy card and tried it out again. What do you know, it transferred items at the 50 to 60 MB/s range. Obviously the outside packaging from sam's club was different. The little blister pack that holds the card inside the packaging was identical to the one from amazon. The manufacture dates were about a year a part per the stamped date on the card.

During all tests, I have attempted to keep everything constant to limit any outside influences. I am to the point now where I feel like the amazon card is a legitimate card. I do believe, based on packaging, it was probably intended for a different country. This doesnt bother me as long as the card performs correctly. I have upped my rating to 5 stars and will be holding on to the card. T

here is still something to be said about not trusting amazon on stuff like this. I will not be purchasing items such as this from Amazon in the future until they are able to reform their image regarding fake items.
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