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February 15, 2018
Have had this for about a month now. Using it with a PS4 Pro and PSVR headset.

This feels like it was the missing piece in my weekly exercise routine! I try to work out at least four times a week, but it can be hard to stick to it when exercising is a repetitive affair. I use a treadmill and a DDR mat as alternative exercises, but adding VR put a whole new spin on the exercise experience to help keep things fresh. 30 minutes to an hour passes in no time when using this bike!

After putting everything together, playing with it was as simple as plugging in the USB dongle, booting up the VirZoom Arcade, turning on the bike and pedaling. My favorite games in the VirZoom Arcade are the tank driving games and the lake paddleboat; other games include a western bandit chase, a race car, a pegasus ride, and a helicopter flight simulation (the most technical of all the games offered); most of the games have multiple variations of goals. I like how there is in-game read-outs of session time and tension levels (be sure to do the in-game calibration of the tension levels), so you can keep the PSVR on while tracking progress. Turning is registered by leaning left and right on the bike, and it feels pretty natural. None of the VirZoom Arcade games currently make use of the face buttons, only the handlebar triggers, so I don't know how those perform; using the handlebar triggers works well with the grip and pedaling. Supposedly the development team has plans to add more games to the VirZoom Arcade, so maybe those face buttons will eventually see some use. I'm around 6'1", and riding the bike is comfortable to me.

My only complaint with this bike would be how the account system works for saving progress and statistics with the VirZoom Arcade, and the online multiplayer. To remember settings or statistics, an account needs to be registered through their site, which also enables the online play. While I've never had any issues with the games when playing solo, people joining/leaving game sessions has caused several glitches in games for me, such as AI bikers on the bike trail flickering and remaining permanently in the distance, or the camera suddenly drifting around for a few seconds when someone joins in playing the tank games. I also like to aim for personal high scores against AI targets, so some kind of option to turn off the online play when using a registered account would be very much appreciated. I will, however, give the VirZoom team kudos for having PC cross-play options with PS4 users, and not locking the online play behind the Playstation Plus subscription.
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