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Reviewed in the United States on January 26, 2019
The Cowin E7 are decent mixed usage headphones . This model improves the battery life and sound quality of the originals but also loses a bit of thump in their bass. They have a slightly more premium look, but it's mostly cosmetic, as their design and overall performance do not change much. They're a decent and affordable option for commuting but aren't the most durable or comfortable headphones in their price range. the plastic used for the ear cups feels low grade and a bit flimsy. They won't break from a few falls, but the ear cups and hinges do not feel as durable as some of the other budget headphones. They have a consistent, balanced, and punchy bass, a good and relatively balanced treble, and great imaging. However, they lack a bit of sub-bass so they can't produce a lot of thump and rumble, and their mid-range tends to sound thin and honky, especially on vocals. Additionally, their treble may sound a bit sharp on S and Ts, and like most other headphones, they don't have a speaker-like soundstage. They cancel enough ambient noise to use for regular commutes especially when playing your music at moderate to loud volumes. They also do not leak as much as much as some of the other closed-back over-ears, which make them an above-average option to use in quieter conditions. However, at high enough volumes, they will be audible to the people around you, and their somewhat decent isolation won't be enough for particularly noisy environments. The integrated microphone of the Cowin E7 is sub-par. In quiet environments, speech recorded or transmitted with this mic will sound relatively thin and noticeably muffled and lacking in detail. It may also sound a bit unnatural and difficult to understand. In noisy situations, it will struggle to fully separate speech from background noise, even in moderately loud places, like a busy street.
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