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Reviewed in the United States on July 19, 2018
I bought a 12-pack of these containers because I wanted a way to bring a lunch to work without having to carry multiple containers and without mixing flavors for different foods. Having used about half of the pack already, here are some of my initial thoughts:

• The containers have very deep pockets/pouches. This allows you to carry a fairly substantial amount of food
• Of the half dozen or so containers that I’ve used thus far, there is a general consistency (i.e. you don’t have some containers that fit/clasp better than others).
• This is perfect for both Western and Asian style lunches, with the ability to hold one main course and two sides.
• As you can see from the picture, the container is not too large that you would have trouble eating at your desk.

• While the corners clasp on fairly tight, the sides can be a bit loose, thereby allowing air to enter.
• Perhaps somewhat expected of a plastic container, but exacerbated by the deep pockets, these can be a pain to wash if you are storing oily foods.

All in all, I would gladly use and re-use these containers when I bring lunch to work. It checks the boxes on what I look for (must hold a lot of food and keep foods separate), while I can get comfortable with some of the drawbacks. Recommend!
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