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Reviewed in the United States on August 14, 2016
Compared to the Fujifilm Instax MINI 8, this Polaroid Snap camera works pretty well. It’s the size of the typical digital camera. So you can slip it into your back pocket unlike the Instax. But I do admit, the Instax is cuter, looks more like a traditional camera with better color options. But I guess it comes down to more of a preference. The Snap uses zinc paper, so when the photo prints, it looks like you printed directly from a printer rather than an old school Polaroid photo, like the Instax (prints slower too.) The photos are smaller than the Instax but the Zinc paper has a sticker backing, so it’s like a sticker pix. The Snap photos can be printed with a white border and can be printed in color, sepia and black in white. But what I do like is that this camera can print with a photo booth option, so 4 photos in one print. And this camera has a Micro SD Card option, which is a plus for me. I normally end up giving the printouts to others, but now I have a copy for myself. The only difference that I’ve notice is that the SNAP is on auto, while the Instax has lighting options. And the Instax is at a lower price point. Other than that, they work pretty similar. You still need good lighting and your photos should probably be within 3-5 feet away.

* Camera can be used with/without paper but without, you must have a Micro SD card.
** Photo by itself is the digital from SD card

10MP-Purple Camera: 3 x 4.75 x 0.875
Wrist Strap
Charging Cable (same as Samsung S6 Edge)
1 pack of Zinc Zero Ink Paper
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