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Reviewed in the United States on October 11, 2018
I actually like this NAS for my backups and sharing access with family and friends. In fact, I'll probably buy a second at some point so I can dedicate one to backups and a separate one to cloud access. That said, one morning I found the power light flashing and the NAS was disconnected from my network such that I couldn't access it. After some research, it turned out that a hard shutdown and reboot of the NAS solved the problem. But, what caused the issue in the first place. An automatic firmware update! Further research revealed that WD's automatic firmware updates are apparently notorious for failing to complete properly, thus leaving the NAS inaccessible and requiring a hard reboot. Now, when I travel, I change the settings in the NAS and turn off the automatic firmware update lest I lose critical access while on the road. Come on WD! You have a nice NAS that is being seriously degraded by a bad firmware update process. Fix this major bug and I'd give you a 5-star rating.
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