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Reviewed in the United States on January 29, 2019
Edit: After I wrote this review they raised the price of the product..I bought it for almost 6.99....they raised the price quite a bit (13.??) not sure if I still want to repurchase 🤔🤔 it still works well but the point of the product was AFFORDABLE good products. This is six dollars more than what I received it for.

Original review:I love it. I’ve been searching for a good but affordable dry shampoo ever since...well, I realized I shouldn’t wash my hair everyday. I used to use Batiste but then I stopped getting the results I wanted, and the smell started to give me a headache. Then I didn’t want to put down $20 for Living Proof. Thank god I found this!

The packaging is cute as always. I bought another product of theirs before and the consistency of their quality is unmatched. The ingredients are all easy to research and they’re not unheard of, cruelty free, usda free... UHHH CAN I GET A VEGAN!?
The smell of the one I received smells like nature... a faint lavender smell from the lavender in the dry shampoo. I personally am a big lavender person so that didn’t bother me.
The usage is easy. The bottle is practically full of powder (hurray!!!!) and all you have to do is shake, open the top a little to a medium opening and then flip over and squeeze the middle. The powder fills the tip and goes “poof!” The bottle itself is not hard to squeeze.
The color of the powder was not as dark as I expected. It’s for dark hair but it’s almost like an almond color.. a beige-y like color. Tbh, I don’t notice a huge difference from what would be a light/white color because it is not as dark as I would expect. BUT!! You could use a light powder and get away with it too. I have the darkest, natural hair color you can get. Dark dark dark brown that almost looks black. With ANY dry shampoo, you apply, wait a little then tousle. I NEVER had problems with any powder in my experience. If I did apply too much, I just quickly blow dried my hair and it almost melts to my hair color. Of course I don’t have this problem with this powder, but for those who do have problems, try doing that.

That’s all I can think of right now. Definitely try it. I sure love this and their clay mask, I hope I can get more of their products soon!
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