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November 13, 2015
I really like this tuner. The display is great, and the extra features are great. The best part about it is the stability of the readings you get from it. The 'needle' doesn't bounce around as much as the Snark tuners I have while I am trying to dial in the sound. This results in quicker tuning, which is very valuable on stage. I also love that it will turn itself off after a while, this keeps me from having to constantly replace the batteries.

Here is my critique, and these are very minor issues. The size is a little large for a tuner, it isn't as sleek and unassuming as some of the alternatives. Musicians on stage don't want the visual impact of a large clip-on tuner, it has to be relatively hidden. Second issue (and this is very insignificant) is that I feel that the power button should be separate or otherwise distinguishable from the other buttons. My bandmates for some reason are constantly forgetting their tuners, so I hand them the KLIQ Tuner, and when I get it back, it is in calibration mode, or violin mode, or some strange place. Its because there are three undistinguishable buttons on the side, and if you go to press the power button and you start pressing the wrong buttons, then you get into the features, and getting back isn't very intuitive.
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