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Reviewed in the United States on February 12, 2019
Okay, I don't want to be super critical, but I suppose that by giving this book a 1-star review, I'm already doing that. I like the premise and the idea that we need to let some sh*t go in order to more fully participate in the more important aspects of our lives. What I don't like is that his message ends even BEFORE developing that message. This book glorifies the idea of not caring / letting some things go but JUST STOPS THERE. I've read a great number of texts that also see the merit in energy conservation but go beyond it, helping the reader to see the importance of living out their truth and working hard for what they believe in (read any yoga philosophy book for this insight). This book basically just says, "Hey, stop caring about a bunch of stuff" and then leaves it at that. Maybe some folks are into it, but to me it was less than inspiring and not at all novel. I could also live without the redundancy of the F-word which made the book read like a conversation overheard at a frat party. So... I guess this is fairly critical after all.
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