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The manufacturer commented on the review belowOctober 26, 2018
Even though this is next year's version of Quickbooks, this software forces you to enable Microsoft Internet Explorer, which is massively insecure and was replaced by Microsoft YEARS AGO. Furthermore, it forces you to login and create an account online for DESKTOP installs.

Quickbooks apparently has absolutely no respect for their customers, and I haven't even been able to start using it yet. Who knows what other pointless nightmares I'll find.

Edit: Now that I've finally gotten beyond their archaic install requirements, and managed to use this DESKTOP software that forces an online account for absolutely no reason but to pad their own data mining dreams at the expense of my time and security, I managed to create a file with some data.

THEN, bam! When trying to get back into MY OWN FILE, I am forced to create a TOTALLY NEW ACCOUNT password that is unrelated to the forced online account and password, just to access my own file using the software I purchased on my own machine. Why? Because security theater makes QuickBooks feel good.

Attached an image of this pointless forced password. The password rules and recovery are some of the worst practices they can possibly recommend, and yet, they do, and force them on you too. Challenge questions that are public information? Check. Evil password requirements that modern hackers can break in milliseconds? Check. Pissing off users and wasting their time on insecure practices? Check.

And I am supposed to trust the entire financial history of my business to a company that intentionally makes me insecure at every turn. This is horrid software that discounts both the user experience and the user's security.

Their recommended password is "coMp1ex" -- are you **** kidding me? A software company is recommending a password that can be cracked in less than 10 milliseconds on any modern PC? These people should be sued into oblivion for malpractice.

Edit 2: And now, AFTER installing and using the product, only THEN am I notified that they FORCE ME into being tracked ON DESKTOP SOFTWARE WITH MY MOST SENSITIVE FINANCIAL INFORMATION. Astonishing malpractice. These people have no respect for their customers or the security of American financial information. See attached screenshot.

Edit 3: Attached another screenshot that shows the various sites that they are sharing information about you with when you use the desktop app. Those are just the ones I saw in 30 seconds or so. Who knows what insecure site they'll pass your information off to.
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