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Reviewed in the United States on June 25, 2018
Purchased for my wife to use in her Yaris because it doesn't have any Bluetooth. She loves it. It automatically connects with her Galaxy S7 phone and starts playing immediately when she turns on the engine.
Good quality construction - doesn't feel "cheap" - the cigarette lighter part is firm inside the cigarette hole and holds up very well - the neck is strong and doesn't flop all over the place, which is what she was dreading before purchasing it. The buttons are soft and easy to press. The screen is not too bright - just bright enough to read during daylight or nighttime.
Good Bluetooth connections - she hasn't had a drop Bluetooth connection yet and she uses it every day to drive to work and back (30+-minutes commute to and from work).
FM signals are strong and clear, not much static as compared to older FM transmitting devices, however, she mostly uses the 3.5mm cord method instead.
You can also plug in a MicroSD card if you don' t have a dedicated Bluetooth device, like a cell phone, where it plays the music from. Its built-in music player is good too and very responsive. The tracks change very fast.
Clarity of music through FM is good but if you can use the 3.5mm jack to plug into the car stereo, she advises doing that instead. The clarity is much better through the 3.5mm headset and much louder too. The singing tones (I think that's mid-tones??) are much clearer and the highs are crisper in comparison to using the FM method.
Phone calls on this unit are good, but not the best. Though the Yaris is not the best car to insulate road noise - she's had some complaints of not able to hear her or the traffic is too loud and sounds like she's sitting in the middle of the freeway. Good news is that the caller's voice is loud and clear since it's from all speakers in the car.
Her favorite feature is the volume nob, as it has a click each time it turns to adjust the volume - she doesn't have to look to change volumes and keeps her eyes on the road.
Although there is an LCD screen that shows the song titles, time, etc., she hardly notices it.
Blue LCD lights are not too bright at night time when she drives. She says it's like a little blue light illuminating from the center console where she has it placed.
Overall, this transmitter is quite impressive for its price and what it does. It did exactly what my wife needed, which was to play her songs from her phone via Bluetooth - with the music still being very clear - along with being able to pick up phone calls while driving to and from work.
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