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Reviewed in the United States on July 4, 2020
To start out, I love the BDB. I’ve read every book in the series, some twice even. Who wrote this book, true? A ghost writer that hadn’t read the previous book? The one where V cures his wound from the Shadow with the Sanctuary holy water.
I’ve waited a long time for Murhder’s story, the one and only brother to be kicked out, and come on within a couple of pages he’s “oh ok, we’re all besties again?” Really?? Zero substance, no text to support he’s insane, other than a relatively minor incident at a lab where he kills some humans, and with the loyalty system in this brotherhood – he’s kicked out for that?
But, the majority of the book is about John and Xhex. Murhder and Sarah have absolutely nothing to do with this story because the story doesn’t make sense in context of the BDB world. How is it possible that V doesn’t think of or go get his mom’s holy water to cure John’s wound? They use it in the bullets against the Shadows now FFS. How is that possible??
And let me get this straight, John is finally (after 16 or so books) inducted into the brotherhood, by Murhder, a vampire only worthy of about a third of a book?
Annnddddd about the typos!! The editor should be fired! Blasted out of a cannon fired!!! Forget the scrawny story, I could barely make it though because of the typos, multiples on the same page. And if I had to drink for every time I read the words “dispositive” or “sartorial” I’d be slap silly drunk. Thesaurus much?
This was the worst of the worst, no story whatsoever, flat characters, sloppy typos, and the limp dish rag sex? BDB is known for steamy. The trivial inconsistencies add up to one big flop. Which is it, peach colored or blue/green eyes? Sarah apparently can’t tell the difference. This book couldn’t possibly have been written by JR Ward. Skip this one, don’t waste your money.
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