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Reviewed in the United States on December 16, 2017
So, I figured I would write a small review because I hesitated in buying this due some of the negative reviews. My honest answer after using it for 2 weeks. Don't hesitate. I'll list Pro's and Con's and you decided on your own.
1. One coffee maker instead of 2. See, number 4
2. Uses K-cups or use the separate filter for your own. (Very easy to use and clean)
3. Try and start a brew cycle for single serve with no water in the tank, it will let you know. (oops)
4. Yea, it's larger than your average coffee pot....guess what Negative Rocket scientists, it's replacing 2 Pots.
5. Easy to use controls.
6. Cheap enough
1. I hate a 2 hour hot plate shut off....personal thing, add 1/2 cup water and start again. It's gone before it shuts off again.
2. Ain't got no more
Other comments:
Top fill requires you to move it out if under low cabinets to fill (a great hardship to some, I just slide it forward, fill and slide back).
It's not as fast as a K-machine.....oh, for pete's sake people, it's not a K machine!!!! Keep your old K machine and buy a coffee machine in addition if you can't wait about 2-3 minutes for coffee.
I have to fill it every time for a single cup......more trauma for some. Personally, I like fresh water better than water that's been sitting in a machine or tank till ready to use. If you really want to you can fill it up with it's 8-10oz and leave it, machine knows the difference between pot and single.
Coffee flavor......tastes like coffee, all subjective, if yours is to weak, get a stronger kind, again not Rocket Science.
I can't taste any difference between Regular and Strong, again subjective.
Hey, at the price you can't beat it. Cheaper than a K machine and if unhappy with speed and size go for the $199.00 Silver Cuisiexpensive.
That's about it, other than the longevity test......

8 months later I had to buy another coffee pot.
Out of the blue it decides to blow the tops off the pods and give me coffee grinds all over. Doesn't matter what kind of Pod. Tried everything, Cleaned it, flipped gasket seal....same!
So, rating dropped and will not get another one until this issue is taken care of by company.
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