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September 11, 2019
This is an enjoyable family saga involving three families that are connected in many ways - the Warrens, Whytes, and the Morels. They have all grown up together as one big family even though they are not of the same cloth.

Twilight Whispers is a fascinating and engrossing read that kept this reader enthralled till the satisfying ending. There is love, lust, greed, wealth and murder in this tale. There is a mystery threaded though all this that keeps the reader engaged along with love scenes that are sweet and satisfying.

Some of the characters are strong and resilient while others are delicate and suffering to survive. Two of the families are wealthy while the Morels are servants to them but nonetheless important in what they do to keep the families together.

The families, due to their wealth and success in their lives, have gained many enemies who are abreast and could cause them grief. Will jealousy and envy be their demise?

When two of the families children are murdered things get testy amongst the family when the police suspect any one of them of killing them. Will the
Detective Cavanaugh be able to find out who is responsible before destroying the whole family in the process?

This was a thoroughly engrossing read. But I expected this much from Delinsky. She knows how to wind a story with so many twists, turns and characters that make your head spin. Highly recommend this mystery!
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4.0 out of 5 stars