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March 12, 2018
Be prepared for surprises that might come up. I found out that my dad wasn't my biological father. The shocker came in Sept of last year when things in the DNA Circle were only showing my mom's family and the 3 cousins I messaged didn't have the paternal names in their tree, but other names. Once I found out and I got in touch with the man that my mom said was my biological father, I asked him to take the test. He did and 8 weeks later it popped up on Ancestry that he is my father. So just be prepared that one or both of your parents might have lied to you. I want to say I hold no hatred towards my mom. She is human and made a mistake, I'm just an awesome result of that mistake. No one is perfect and her keeping quiet along with my biological father and my own dad ( they didn't know he knew), they thought they were doing what was best for me. It's a huge burden to bare and I know it was difficult. The wonderful thing is I have 3 half siblings, 2 sisters and a brother and they like me! My biological father is a nice guy too. :)
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