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Reviewed in the United States on April 4, 2020

I had two of these, worked great together though at times was a pain to switch between the two collars. Unfortunately my active dogs ended up ruining the collars and the company does not sell replacements so I am in search of a replacement product that is more tolerant for active dogs. As long as you take this off when you are done with a training session you will be fine, leave it on and expect it to be ruined. The devices themselves are rugged and durable, just not the collars.

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Battery life generally is amazing as well as the short charge time.

It has three modes: beeping, vibration, shock. The shock has built in protection so that if the button gets stuck, you sit on it, etc., it will stop after a certain time, the others will keep beeping and virbrating.

The beeping is great for getting their attention as a simple verbal cue. This works most the time.

Vibration is for when the verbal cue doesn't work or you need them to pay attention faster. For me, it gets them to perk up and look for me or if near me to sit/lay down immediately.

The shock option...for when the other two fail. As the manual states, start at the lowest setting and work your way up. Ensure that the contacts are touching their skin. The manual has some really good pointers and information on this, I appreciated that they went into as much detail as they did for those that are unsure of this feature. Dogs will vary in their tolerance so you will need to start at the lower setting for each one.

Consistency is key, otherwise you will get them to listen when they know about the collar/remote and not without. Make sure you use verbal/visual cues along side the cues from this product to reinforce good behavior.

The remote is nice, a tad too big. The collar needs a better mechanism to secure it as it comes loose too easily. This is my biggest and only complaint worth mentioning. Unfortunately this is worth a star. Everything else about it is great. If the device could be moved to another collar easier, I would not have deducted a star.

I will be getting another collar instead of swapping the one I have between dogs, it is that good even with its only flaw that I have found so far. I will update this review when I get the second collar and detail how well it works with multiple collars.
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