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Reviewed in the United States on January 30, 2019
Look, I'll get straight to the point, my baby is the worst. She cries, throws things, needs to be carried around like some Roman Queen, is literally hungry every couple of hours, and takes frequent and enormous poos. I am a millennial and so of course, I care for the environment as much as the next millennial (I only buy organic dolphin free beard wax, for example), and so the idea of disposable diapers was cringe-worthy at first...but, after trying recycled paper bags from Whole Foods, cheese cloths from my favorite artisanal cheese and gluten free olive oil store, and just letting my child roam outside and poo in the neighbors garden, I realized that disposable diapers were the modern equivalent of electricity. Sure, electricity isn't great for the environment, even clean energy takes some sort of toll on the environment, but there's no point pretending that electricity isn't better and completely worth it (environment be damned!). Same goes for disposable diapers.

And so as for these diapers, well they work just fine. Just ask my baby...oh right, she can't talk because she's just an annoying baby and doesn't know anything. Her mom would know though, because she knows everything, so maybe ask her. Better yet, why not marry her and you'll get to see first hand if these diapers are worth it. Haha, just kidding. Not really, though :(
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