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April 24, 2018
 This is the third Samsung SSD drive that I am purchasing for my home office desktop computer and while I typically replace my desktops and laptops at the 4 to 5 year mark, this desktop is now 9 years old runnig Windows 10 Enterprise and a major reason I have not replaced it yet are these SSDs. I also own multiple laptops and they all have Samsung SSDs under the hood.

I purchased this 860 EVO to replace the Samsung 840 Pro 512GB that I purchased in 2014 and has been working flawlessly. I do application development and use demanding applications like Fusion 360 with fairly large 3D projects so every time I need to upgrade my operating system, I buy a new SSD drive and start from scratch. This way, if something goes wrong, I can just plug in my previous SSD and be back in business until I figure out what I need to do to make things work with the upgrade. I mostly work on my home office PC and I never shut it off unless I am cleaning it with compressed air once a year or I am on vacation. My old 840 Pro is now 3 years and 5 months old and has written a total of 16.83TB (this is only data written to the drive, not read) while the drive reports that the "Power-on Hours" are 29092 which would be about 3.3 years of running. The "power on count" is 67 so this drive has only shut down 67 times in 3.5 years for brief periods of time. There are no errors and most importantly, the "wear leveling count" that shows the life remaining is at 94 percent.

The attached video and pictures show the drive test first for this SSD and then for my older Samsung 840 Pro 512GB. In the attached pictures, you can see comparison data of the 2 drives showing that they are very close in performance including performance results for a conventional SATA 2T HDD. Note that a newer computer would get better results than these but I believe that it is noteworthy to see how close the 840 Pro and the 860 are in performance and also how slow is the conventional hard drive in comparison to the SSDs. These tests are not utilizing Samsung's Rapid Mode because Rapid Mode utilized DRAM and CPU to accomplish higher speeds through cashing and that is not the actual performance of the device. The processor in this desktop is an i7 920 @ 2.67GHz with 4 cores and 8 logical processors. It also has 24GB of memory.

In conclusion, If you are someone that needs a bigger hard drive or your hard drive died and you are contemplating if you should replace it or the whole computer or even if you are thinking of building your own computer, I can tell you with confidence that if you replace your mechanical hard drive with this Solid State Drive, you will be glad you spent a few extra dollars and your PC will be useful for a much longer period of time you expected. All this, provided that your operating system is Windows 7 or later or in any case your operating system is not close to the "end of life" date. The fact is that for the typical daily home use a computer that has a mid range processor with a solid state drive, will be faster than a computer that has the latest and greatest processor with a mechanical hard drive. As you can see from the test results, if you have a computer with a mechanical hard drive and replace it with an SSD, you will most likely see double the speed overall.
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