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April 25, 2018
As a psychotherapist specializing in mindfulness-based approaches, I was very excited to try this journal for myself and with my clients. It has proven to be profoundly impactful in both contexts.

At first glance, I found the journal structure to be very inviting. Our modern lives are complex enough. The journal’s daily prompts elegantly cut through the complexity of everyday life with refreshing and potent simplicity.

The consistency of the prompts serve to illuminate patterns within very significant aspects of one’s life that are easily overlooked, and the prompts do so in a very non-invasive way. Answering them shines a light of awareness on where and how one’s natural energy shifts and changes throughout the day, what causes those shifts, and helps the person discover who they naturally are in the process. The prompts may appear simple, yet the words are chosen with great care, are powerful, and backed by cutting edge research in the field of mindfulness, well-being, and self-development.

In a matter of a day I noticed how much more alive I felt just because I had used this journal. That simple act of carving out a few minutes in the morning, looking ahead to the day with mindfulness, and writing about my gratitude and intentions had an immediate effect on my experience of the day. Honestly I was stunned it had such a palpable impact right off the bat. After a couple weeks I began to notice choices I was consistently making in my own life that caused my energy to drain and my mood to drop. Seeing my answers to the prompts day after day it became clear what changes I could make to better serve myself and others, and making those changes has helped me to live my everyday life more aligned with the truth of who I am. It should be noted that I have long struggled to keep a consistent journaling practice. This book is definitely supportive for someone like me who has found it hard to write each day.

I have also used this book with clients. It seems to be particularly useful for those feeling dragged by everyday life, for those not knowing what to do to make their life more meaningful, and for those seeking to better understand or discover themselves and their true nature. It has revealed attentional biases - the ways that my clients habitually turn away from themselves - and offers a concrete and contained practice that gently supports them to learn to turn towards themselves. The result is that my clients are supported to come into touch with the internal compass within them - a gift like no other. I highly recommend this book.
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