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Reviewed in the United States on December 12, 2018
2nd update - the second pot customer service sent received the same error code as the first, but it threw the error code during the test of the pot. Customer service was great, and they refunded my purchase price, but the pot wasn’t as great. I liked the look, but it’s no use having a pretty pot that doesn’t work.

Edit/update - fantastic customer service, but after about a month and half to two months, I got an error code that meant the pot is completely broken. I contacted customer service upon receiving the code and they are sending me a new one. They replied within minutes of my email to them (which I sent on a Friday night after 8 pm upon discovering the problem) and they had a new unit shipped out Monday morning. Everything else had held up well and functioned terrifically. Hopefully I just got a single bad unit, and this isn’t a systemic error.

I love this pressure cooker! It functions just like an Instant Pot for way less than the IP cost. Plus all the accessories that came with this are incredible. I have used the egg racks multiple times, and my eggs come out hard boiled PERFECTLY! I read the Yedi was made by the IP manufacturer, and I tried the lid from my 5qt duo. It fit, and made the pot sound it’s lid song. I actually like the display in this better than the IP. It is a little hard to clean under the rim of the main housing where the lid locks on, but it’s a minor inconvenience. I use this thing all the time. I’m so glad I found the Yedi with all these great accessories I’d buy anyway, over spending more money an IP! It came with several handy charts of what times to cook and what setting for different foods and it’s very accurate. I’m really enjoying this pot!
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