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Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2019
Note that I'm writing this review in Aug 2019. If you're reading it in 2020+ you are probably laughing at how pitifully small the capacity is of this card, however at the time of writing, the 1TB cards hadn't shipped at reasonable prices and this is a lot more affordable than the 512GB card.

So I really like Sandisk. They do good things with flash memory and this card is no exception. It's fast, reliable and of course compatible. However be aware, some electronics may not work correctly with the larger capacity. I bought this for a GoPro Hero6, their web site says a v30 Sandisk Ultra card >=32GB is supported, however this will not work correctly. Apparently they decided that 256GB is the biggest card that will be made. Even their Hero 7 only supports the smaller cards. This is obviously not the fault of Sandisk, Gopro is not keeping up with the times, which is sad and will probably hurt them in the long run due to competition. So double check the max capacity supported by your device before you buy, because some electronics vendors are slow and/or lazy and haven't caught up to the current capacities.

For my Samsung phone and other camera (non-Gopro) devices, there is no problem with 400GB of storage. if you need this much storage, this is an excellent option.

BTW, this card does work to record 4K60FPS on the Gopro Hero6 Black, so you can use it, the camera just won't play the video back on the camera's screen, the camera locks up and needs to have the battery pulled. If I use the GoPro Quik software to transfer it to my computer (Mac) it works fine, so it's clearly a bug in the camera software. 4K24 does work correctly on camera, just not 4K30 or 4K60. Go figure.
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