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Reviewed in the United States on November 12, 2018
As others have said, I bought this for the convenience of having one appliance do it all. We mostly drink a full pot of decaf in the morning, but the occasional cup of regular is nice. Sometimes, I need just one more cup after the decaf pot is empty. And we have friends who only drink regular. So, this is perfect. I have put off writing a review (actually, I've never written one) because I've been waiting for this unit to break or otherwise become unsatisfactory. Not yet.

Here are some things I've learned. In my experience, the mess in the single-serve side is the fault of the commercial k-pod. I had a Donut Shop pod explode all over recently, and it was a mess, not to mention hard to clean (I finally tipped it on its side and used my faucet spray to get all the grounds out). The cover on the pod was not properly sealed, and grounds spewed all over. The other complaint that it's hard to fill is valid. If Cuisinart is in the mood to re-fabricate, moving the reservoir to the other side would be a good move. I simply fill the carafe with an extra cup of water so I don't have to tip the pot at an awkward angle, and I don't put the coffee in until the reservoir is filled. If you don't need filtered water, using the pullout hose on your faucet works like a charm, and the water-level gauge is very easy to read. I also noticed that the single-serve basket needed to be firmly snapped in place and lined up with the white arrow to work properly. So, yes, there are some convenience issues, but they are not difficult to adjust to. I've tried all the features, and all have worked fine. And, it makes great coffee!! Wonderfully hot, even on medium. Hope it doesn't break on me after writing this review. I'll be in touch if it does.

November 13, 2019: Update. Not only is this coffee pot working perfectly after 18 months, the second one I bought for another house is also working fine after six months. One reviewer mentioned that it's helpful to push the pod firmly down on the lower spike before pressing down the top. Since I've been doing that, I've had no issues with the pods exploding. I've been very happy with it. Still gets five stars.
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