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June 1, 2019
This actually works.
There is a remarkable noticeable difference in how white my teeth are.
And I was quite fanatical before. I am 43 with no cavities. I love the timer feature, and different modes. I recommend parents get it for their teenagers. Watch them use it till it becomes a habit. You will save on dentist bills in the long run. Oh and if they ever need a filling don't get the silver fillings. Over time they expand and contract allowing decay to get underneath and unfortunately you can't tell until it hits your root and need a root canal... Spent the extra 16.00 and get the white composite filling. It bonds to your teeth so decay can't get underneath. If you can't take care of your teeth you can't take care of yourself or anyone else. It's the most basic of hygeine. Meth mouth only has one cause... You don't have to show the world what an idiot you are just brush your damn teeth or find another way to do it . I'd suggest stopping but if losing your teeth wasn't enough if a deterrent you are just a lost cause. Once upon a time freaks like that only worked at carnivals now it's main stream society. Apparently being white trash became trendy. But if you manage to have a sense if self respect and class get this toothbrush you will love it.
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