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Reviewed in the United States on March 3, 2018
I have bought 2 bed frames and 1 twin mattress from Zinus before, and love all 3 items. Then I bought this 12" queen mattress, and regret it.

I read several recent reviews before purchasing this that said the bed never fully inflated, and several recent ones that said it was awesome. So I took a gamble and ordered it based on my previous purchases. Sure enough this is one of the defective mattresses. The center never expanded past 9", one end expanded to 5", and the other end never made it past 4".

Looking at the negative reviews I noticed that Zinus reached out to the customers and told them their mattress was under warranty. If the customer would just reach out to Zinus' customer service they would take care of the issue and send out a new one. That is exactly what I did on 2/24/18. I received an automated response within a few hours saying that they were going to review my claim and get back to me. 7 days later and not a single word from them. I even sent a reply to their auto-email like it said to with the hopes it would draw their attention, but still nothing.

Zinus' customer service is a joke. I tried to go about this the right way and give them an opportunity to replace the mattress; however, that has gotten me no where. I still have a defective mattress taking up space in my home. I am still sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. I am also still out a couple hundred dollars with nothing to show for it. If this is how customers are treated (ignored) then it will not be long before they have no more customers.

In summary, I used to think this company was a quality company. That is why I bought several items from them. 1 defective product, and absolutely no customer service to go with it has made them complete junk. Buyer beware; it is a gamble whether you will get a quality product, and do not expect any form of customer service.
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