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Reviewed in the United States on January 26, 2019
I love these. So easy to set up and use. Just plug in, scan the barcode and connect to internet. You can see all of your cameras on the app (not just two as another buyer said) - just scroll down and see them all. Pick the one you want to work with and easy peasy, change settings or view live action. I have two sets (8 cameras) set up in my house to monitor my animals during the day and on 24/7 when we are out of town. I am also able to monitor the exterior doors by placing cameras on window sills without glare. I have the motion sensors on with activity areas set so that I am looking for motion in a particular area, not the entire wide angle camera view. Which, by the way, one camera has an enormous view and it is not distorted. The picture quality is superb. Even at night, excellent quality picture. The motion sensors are VERY sensitive, even when set on low. Can get annoying for the cameras monitoring the outside doors because the sensor picks up the hedges blowing and sends me a text but I love the 6-second video it takes of the motion activity. Quickly can tell if there is a problem and you have the ability to turn on the audio to listen to what the camera is seeing or talk to someone (or your pet) from the camera. Really happy with these. Great peace of mind while we are not home.
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