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Reviewed in the United States on September 5, 2017
In the community of Foodies and Home-Chefs that I interact with in person and on social media, most of us own a Slow Cooker. Almost anyone I've talked to has an established two or three dishes that they love to make in a Slow Cooker - Chili, Short Ribs, etc. Of course, everyone loves the idea of having a Slow Cooker do all the work - while we're at work - and coming home to a single-pot delicious dinner! However, we don't have the arsenal of knowledge or recipes to get the real value from our Slow Cookers.

Here in "The Easy and Healthy Slow Cooker Cookbook", author Shannon Epstein has absolutely unleashed the potential of the Slow Cooker, without the headaches, without the exotic hard-to-find ingredients, without the trial-and-error, without the guilt, and most importantly without the huge expense! Unlike other recipes posted randomly online, the Author has absolutely done her homework...meticulously documenting each recipe and step, having perfected each dish, herself.

One key value that stands out immediately after your first recipe is: We can trust her - The recipes do work and render spectacular results! I've already tried the Steak Fajitas recipe (Page 128) which in flavor and texture far surpassed anything I had ever tried on my own. The other morning, my family was astounded by the Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal (Page 26). I can't wait for my next step - to go through Section 6 - Chicken & Turkey!

Another major value is for those of us that are health conscious, (or trying to get there, like me) vegetarian or vegan. Read the Introduction thoroughly. In an excellent prelude, the Author focuses around the need for healthy alternatives to what we're currently doing - take out, unhealthy fast meals and processed foods. Every recipe has the healthiest possible version of that dish, well-thought out and fail-safe! There's really something for everyone, including several vegan and paleo recipes.

Another benefit, In my humble opinion, is that the book will pay for itself in a week (or less). Like most folks, I do spend entirely too much on my weekly grocery bill, and often select not-healthiest choices - all due to lack of planning. This weekend, I took the book to the supermarket, with Post-It bookmarks on the recipes I wanted to try first. At the end of this excursion, I had a substantially lower total at the register, than usual. You'll also pay less in electric/gas/propane. The Slow Cooker is also far more energy-efficient that other forms of cooking, I understand.

Be sure to follow @fitslowcookerqueen on social media. I’ve been followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, for some time! Her posts are enjoyable and creative! She's responsive and patient with questions, and always very supportive!

Bottom line, it's the best $17 you'll ever spend. Happy Slow-Cooking!
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