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Reviewed in the United States on June 10, 2016
I'm very happy with this polaroid! I'm a really big fan of photography and cameras and I had been wanting an instant camera for a while. I finally bough this for my birthday to myself. First of all, I had some worries about the quality, I read so many reviews that were not convinced about this camera and I didn't know if I wanted to risk it, so here is what convinced me to buy it.

-No batteries (that I saw were needed in other cameras), this might be something not so bothersome but its 2016 and a camera shouldnt need AA batteries.
-Memory Card, you can store your pics, have them on your computer, share them, whatever. I recently used this to take a picture with a foreign friend and was able to give her the picture, knowing that I would have a copy of it. Really cool.
-Doesn't look like a toy, I know this might not be an issue for everyone but I am seriously not into any of the designs of the Fuji ones, and believe me, before I made my choice between cameras I saw all of them in person in Urban Outfitters and Best Buy,
-Paper can be a little cheaper, its not that big of a difference, but its a plus
-Filters, this comes in b&w, regular colors and vintage colors, its cool they come out even more cool (hipster for some people I guess). Also the advantage of being able to have it with or withour border or having the photobooth option.

What I was worried about:
-Filters, I read some reviews about it coming out wrong, light, etc, I do have to say that color and b&w are perfectly fine, the vintage one is the only one I've had issues with, can't seem to make it work in a way that looks amazing like the other two.
- I read about the framing of the picture, how what you see through the eyehole was not what came out in the picture, and its true, but It's not as bad as I read. In reality what gets printed is a cropped version from what you see through the eyehole, so if you're trying to make a lot of people fit into a picture you should try to leave extra space on the sides.
-Quality, but as I said before, they come out fine, at least i think so, I had fuji pictures (taken with friends' cameras) and my pictures and they really do seem great to me.

-You need to look up the user guide on the internet, its on the polaroid web page, but everything is there
-The lens cover, don't forget to take it off!!
- The eyehole/on button is very sensitive and can open at any moment, I bought a case so it wouldn't be a problem anymore.

All in all I really thing its a great choice, great price, but I get why people would prefer other cameras. I hope this review was helpful, and sorry for any mistakes, english is not my first language.

(Pics uploaded were taken by me, one in the vintage filter, the other one in regular colors)
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