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January 29, 2018
Device is solidly built and very easy to connect to USB port.
It does not require any proprietary driver - Windows is happily taking care of this hard drive after you plug it in.
Funny, that manual says that CD with drivers is included in the package, but there is no CD and no CD is needed anyway.
It is very easy to push a hard drive into the slot and get it recognized and accessed by Windows PC.
There is an on/of switch on the back of the device to allow user not to keep it running if it is not needed.

I had connected device to USB 3.0 port and it ;looks like my speed for the hard drive inserted into device is very close to the speed of hard drives inside the computer case.

Why 4 stars and not 5 then?

1. Wide slot fits thick disk and this is good. But there are thinner disks around as well. While those disks fit all the connectors perfectly, they are not standing firm in the wide slot and even possibility of waggling makes me worry about connectors on the bottom of the HDD slot possibly breaking. I hope they will not break. But hope is not a trust.

2. If there is nothing in the hard drive slot, open on top slot is a dust receptor. Some kind of cover would be nice.
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