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Reviewed in the United States on May 15, 2017
Ugh, I should've done my research! Shame on me, but hopefully I can save some true seekers of shamanic healing and practices the trouble. The author states the only remaining shamans in Peru have taught and trained him giving them permission to gift the Western coultures the knowledge they now feel is meant for everyone. Yet, they didn't pass it down to their own people?! They chose Alberto Villoldo!

Everything​ he states he was taught through the 20 years of training is not even shamanism! It's Eastern energy and chakra healing. He vaguely mentions help of spirits as a part of the process, but nowhere did I read after that how spirits where involved or when they helped! Ancestors and the spirits guide ​shamans, but everything Villoldo speaks of individual (his teacher and assistants, teacher and Villoldo, or just Villoldo. That is not the way of a shaman! If I wanted energy healing then that is what I would have bought. I have an entire library on the subject.
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