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June 7, 2017
I moved in recently to a extended room in a two bedroom house. The room is large and long about 25' by 35'! The lease owner installed internet service. I asked him to get a service pack so I could game online. 4 other people didn't care what speed we got. They only use their cells or watch movies. So after a week, I had lots of dropped connections. And the 5G service could never be picked up by my game consoles. So I was forced to stick to the 2.5G service. Still, my connection was weak and I would get messages saying "Low Bandwidth" when I watched movies on Amazon! So I bought this repeater because of so many positive reviews! I got this within 9 hours of ordering along with some AA batteries I needed. And I installed this the next day. I watched the installation movie clips provided. I wrote down information I needed to write down. Like the "" And I followed the directions as mentioned. Very simple straight forward directions and everything connected right away. After installing and renaming my connection a unique SSID name. I unplugged my Netgear repeater and put it near my room. The green lights lit up, indicating good signal reception. I connected all my game consoles and my cell phone and laptops. And I have been very happy since buying this repeater! This one of the best useful products I have bought this year! It does what it says, and says what it does! No more "Low Bandwidth messages or dropped signals"!
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