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Reviewed in the United States on April 12, 2019
I got this tuner "USED - LIKE NEW". Other than the fact that it was rolling around in a plastic bag & completely out of its packaging, it works really well. It is small, so it fits in my case without issue. It accurately identifies notes. I have tried more expensive tuners & some even fail at the basic task of identifying an open string. You can adjust the frequency, as well. That is a plus. Not everyone tunes at 440, after all. I am a professional violinist. I play in different capacities, be it solo or with a band, very quiet venues, or very loud events. Sometimes, the way that the venue rigs up the sound prevents me from getting a VERY clean "A" from the keyboardist/pianist. Sometimes, it is so loud that I cannot hear my tuning fork. Since this tuner has a display, it is perfect in a jam. This tuner is decent for this price point. It would be a must-have if it were less expensive. If you can get a deal on it, I would recommend it all violinists, who have to tune in some special circumstances (some of which I have mentioned). I would also recommend it to any beginning violinists, who do not yet know how to tune by ear. It is VERY small. Even the smallest of cases will be able to accommodate it.
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