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Reviewed in the United States on October 23, 2016
So, I finally got it. The Sony Playstation VR that i've waited for. Was it worth the wait? The answer is yes. I was blown away before the system was even installed. The love that Sony put into just the packaging of this set is awww inspiring. Unboxing videos and photos are readily available, but, i recommend waiting to
see for yourself. You'll
be blown away.

The unit itself is very solid and extremely well
made. Nothing about it feels at all
cheap. It can be stiff to
adjust at first, but very comfortable to wear once you find your sweet spot. Also easy when passing from
person to person for showing it off.

Other reviewers are correct, the resolution varies wildly, and on the whole, really could
be alot
better. However, this does not have any effect on the ability to
become totally lost in these games. I actually screamed at a shark attack. I tried to put my move controller down onto a non-existant table. The technology obviously has a very long way to
go, but the first step
has been a giant one.
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