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Reviewed in the United States on April 21, 2017
Amazing!!!! This product is everything that I expected and more! I have a daughter (8yrs) who is diagnosed On the Autism spectrum . She uses her iPad daily and really puts it through the ringer with biting, throwing, spills and a laundry list of things that Would have me here forever if I was to list it all! When her old iPad case got destroyed after one year of use I really didn't think that there was anything that could top it, boy was I wrong! This I guy has proven to not only top the last case she had but also far exceed it in functionality and protection. We've only had it now for three months and not even a scratch on it! I only have one issue with this product and that is I do wish that the volume control was covered in someway or protected from my daughter. She has a fascination with turning the volume up to the maximum level and I have to tape it with duct tape to prevent her from doing this. But by no means is this a dealbreaker. If this one ever wears out I would definitely get another one with no hesitation! Just for reference the old case we owned (a generic brand) started to show wear and tear at about 3 months and at 6 months I was definitely starting to consider getting a new one. We finally dumped it in The trash after one year of use and by then it was definitely falling completely apart. I will not buy that one ever again. We have now have had the IGUY for 3 to 4 months now and it does not have ANY signs of wear and tear. I'm very happy with this product and couldn't recommend it enough!!!!! Especially if you have a special needs child who bites/chews/throws/destroys their toys!!!!!!! Also the arms are perfect for the child to comfortably carry around their IPAD! The
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