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Reviewed in the United States on August 3, 2018
I bought these directly from The Antser website years ago because they were not on Amazon back then. I went and took pictures of it for you all so you can see this is clearly a real review.

We have an insane problem with ants in our neighborhood in the drought and desert in Southern California, and I feed the homeless cats and couldn't keep throwing all the food away because of the ant infestation in the bowls. I gave one to my neighbor to use cause he feeds some of the cats, too.

You put any type of liquid soap in it (I use Dawn foam pump) and fill the inside and around the outside ridges with water (cold or hot, doesn't matter). Then you put the lid on it, which is a pain to get on sometimes cause you can't see where the ridges go, but it's fine, because this works!

It's the only way to feed your outdoor pets so ants cannot get in them. I see poor dead slugs inside when I fill it up with water cause it dries out in about a month in 105+ degree daily heat here in the summer, but it lasts all winter long without having to fill it up.

If you have ants in your food, then the ants get smart and take sticks and little rocks and dirt and build them up, so everyday I put food out, I use my finger to get rid of any debris on the outside, bottom base cause the ants are smart and they'll have to start over and still never get to the food. That's rare but in one area the ants do that cause it's in the dirt.

I can't recommend this enough, and if you have large bowls, then buy two and put the water on one and food on the other. I found this when I thought of inventing something and was so happy it was already made, cause the bowl options are not as good by a long shot. Thanks, Antser, the cats thank you and I do, too!
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