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Reviewed in the United States on January 27, 2019
This movie manages to remind the audience of two things: why rom-coms are a thing of the past; and why Hayden Christensen is a thing of the past. The film goes out of its way to convince the audience that Toronto has an italian community. And I am willing to accept that might be possible, but said community happens to share every stereotype with the Italian communities in New Jersey and NYC. Which brings us to Christensen.

This man can't act. You can see in his eyes in many scenes that he simply does not want to be on set, and shows in his performance. His inability to decide if his character should have an Italian accent that is reminiscent of a failed Mario audition tape or not, is one of the strangest- yet most interesting- conflicts within the film. Christensen is nearly 40 within the film, and his romantic partner(played by Emma Roberts) is roughly 27; and the film does very little to address the obvious age gap within the film.

When the two are on set together, there is more chemistry within a slice of pizza than the two of them. Roberts, tried her best in scenes she was in alone or with another supporting actress, though. It is when the two are together that you stop and wonder, "maybe the family feud keeping the two apart isn't entirely bad".

Normally in a movie there is a saving grace; a scene that can justify its existence. I cannot find such a scene in this film, then again I am not a fan of lazy stereotypical humor that is atleast 25 years old. To highlight how lazy the writing is, at both pizza parlors there are employees that are Hindi. And when those characters interact with each other, all they can do is make references to their ethnicity(which is no different than Christensen doing his worst "Eyyy come on, here!").

This movie is bad.
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