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June 17, 2019
I gotta say, this is just about the most brilliant mouse I've ever used. The wireless response time is astonishing. And it keeps its 1ms response time all the way up to 8 ft. (from what I tested at least - not to mention that it reaches all the way across your average large living room). I like how you can plug the Wi-Fi dongle onto the end of the USB cord to extend it to wherever the cord reaches to. The micro USB to USB cord used for charging it is very durable and extensive. Plus, it also let's you use the mouse in wired mode while charging. Apparently the mouse works with their wireless charging mouse pad, but I haven't bothered to get one, so I can't reassure that. The DPI adjustment is perfectly gradient allowing me to adjust the movement speed to a comfortable level on basically any surface (just don't try and use it on a blanket, it doesn't work...). I like the barring lock to the scroll wheel letting change the scroll functionality so I can flick the wheel and use it in smooth scrolling. Plus, the battery monitor built in is nice. The navigation buttons are an added bonus as well. I highly recommend for even professional graphic artists, as I myself use this mouse for graphic art and it's PERFECT for it. Apart from the custom lighting built in to the mouse, there is this awesome button for slowing the mouse down to a high-precision mode allowing me to easily make high density vertex edits on 3D graphic design (or for you to do whatever you wanna do with a slow mouse). Then my last fascination is the mini weights they give you so you can weigh down your mouse (which is a feature I actually quite adore). So... Yeah. Fantastic mouse. It's pretty cheap in price considering the features and whatnot. I recommend this mouse over all others.
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