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September 20, 2017
We received this as part of a sampler and gave just a few pieces to our pup, and she loved it. We actually used it as a bit of a treat she enjoyed it so much. Talking a look ta the ingredients of this vs the dry dog food we were buying from the vet, this is just a lot healthier. The vet's dog food had meat by-products, corn, and sugar as the first ingredients, whereas this has lamb, chicken meal, and turkey meal.

Granted, it also adds some starches and sugars presumably from dried beet pulp and sweet potatoes, and bison is actually down below all those on the ingredients list, and the percentages are not listed. But given that this is 10% higher in protein, I expect the sugars and starches are lower in percentage than the vet's food.

What really matters though is that our dog enjoys the smell and taste, and seems to do very well eating it throughout the day. We did notice she used to eat in the late evening, and now she has a big helping at breakfast time. We're wondering if the change is because before she was waiting for an opportunity for handouts, and then ate her food only as a last resort if she was still hungry. Now she eats whenever she feels like it because she enjoys the taste.
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