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The manufacturer commented on the review belowReviewed in the United States on September 26, 2018
Extremely easy to install, came right up and worked.
The only reason I did not rate the 970 EVO five (5) stars is because of my experience with Samsung Magician.

Here is my story/experience with the installation:

I have an HP desktop computer running Windows 10 Pro. In my case I had to remove my video card to get to the M.2 port to install it - other than that installing the 970 EVO was a "breeze." When I rebooted my machine, the drive was there, no problems ... It was really THAT easy.

Next step, I downloaded the latest version of Samsung Magician. It said that there was a newer version of the firmware for the 970 EVO, but it was unable to install it for some reason - so I just ignored that part. Next problem with Samsung Magician ... it said it was "not compatible" with my existing "C Drive" which is a SanDisk 512GB SATA SSD - pretty vanilla - nothing fancy. Once again, not impressed. I already own Acronis True Image, so I simply used it to clone my existing SSD "C Drive" to the new 970 EVO; Acronis had that part done in 10 minutes ... I love Acronis! Not impressed at all with Samsung "Magician" (the "magic" was very flawed in my case).

I pulled my existing "C Drive" out and rebooted. Everything worked great. Total time to install, move the OS to the new drive, and reboot - maybe 45 minutes to include working through the problems with Samsung "Magician."

My guess it takes all of maybe 4 or 5 seconds for my computer to boot now and the Windows login screen to appear - and Shutdown is maybe 2-3 seconds. Bottom line, very impressive drive, and the price on Amazon is RIGHT for the performance improvement!
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