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July 19, 2018
Cons: No manual comes with it and it's not as easy as picking it up and watching it go. You have to download an app called Mi Fit and synch the watch to it to get the watch to do anything at all (won't come on without it). After 30 minutes of searching online I figured this out and things moved more smoothly. You have to change settings individually to change from metric to English measurements, it's a search and find or Google challenge.

Pros: So many features and they all work so well but the best feature to me is the ability to change the watch face and there are thousands of them for every mood and occasion. I did not realize this going into the purchase but it added so much more value to my purchase. You can change between classy analog for fancy dining and large digital for those that have trouble reading small watches without glasses. Another key feature is the battery life of over 30 days without having to recharge, compared to other watches where you have to charge every 18 hours the battery life is amazing.

Overall I have no problem recommending this watch to anyone, I even reviewed it on my Facebook page which is something I rarely do.
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