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Reviewed in the United States on December 7, 2018
Update 3.
The product in the cardboard box is not the same as what is sold in plastic buckets. I like the idea of less plastic, but not at the expense of quality. The litter that comes in the box is the worst!!! Shame on Amazon for allowing an inferior product to be sold as if it were the original. I will buy this litter in the pet store in a plastic bucket, even though it's slightly more expensive that way. Forget Amazon in this case. I'm hugely disappointed.

I would give this product 5 stars if the consistency were reliable. I took away one star because some batches are super dusty and others are almost free of dust, so it's unpredictable. I don't smell an odor unless I am very, very close to the open container. Most of the time it's a product I can recommend.

Update: The last few batches have been perfect, so I changed my rating to 5 stars. If this product continues to be dust free and odor free the way it is, I will be happy to keep using it. And, I like that the plastic bucket has been discontinued, BUT it would be nice if the cardboard box had a CARRYING HANDLE.

Update 2: I take it all back. The current batch of this product is so dusty, every time I scoop, I have to cough. With central heat circulating the air, the whole house is starting to show signs of dust from this cat litter. In addition, this product is not free of scent as the label makes us believe. There is the definite odor of perfume. The way this smell is not how it comes out of the ground, but it's not too annoying. I will give it one more try after this box is used up, but if I get another batch like this one, I'll have to switch brands. So, only two stars. Those are for the good clumping factor and odor control. Too bad you never know what you get with this brand.
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