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Reviewed in the United States on August 14, 2019
There is one person of color in this movie. His role is one-dimensional and at the 27 minute mark, they describe his dating pursuits as "mindlessly predatory" even through he describes himself as "persistent." So that's the only role or character a Black man could play in this film?
And even though I didn't watch the film, let me guess the rest of the plot. The female lead was very clear that she didn't want to see the male lead ever again. She was clear that she couldn't trust him. Yet I would bet money that the plot unfolds this way. He can't stop thinking about her. He ignores her direct clear communication to stay away. In a mindlessly predatory way, he pursues her anyway and somehow she gives in and they end up together. One person is uninterested. The other is obsessively persistent and gets their way in the end. It's the plot of every romantic comedy. but in this case some characters get to have that plot unfold in a playfully entertaining manner while the Black character is just labeled as a deviant and given no context.

Immediately clicked off. Noting the writers and producers. I will not be watching any of their content going forward. To the actor who played that role, I realize that Hollywood resigns Black actors to these degrading roles constantly if you want a paycheck. I recommend you get your friends together and finance your own film with more positive role and better directing and writing anyway.

The directing, writing, and acting in this film was horrible anyway so you have to be able to create better content than this garbage I don't care what the paycheck.
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