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Reviewed in the United States on September 16, 2018
A couple of preliminaries here. I was friends with someone that used to work at a factory that would sew different name brands on the same clothing before even that factory went overseas. So I'm less addicted to the name of a product line than a particular product that is made at the time. I've worn well and far over a hundred jeans (dungarees for the less metrosexual of us over my far too many years). The only jean that I ever cried over was a very expensive Italian dress jean purchased years ago at Neiman Marcus. For jeans under 90 dollars I've found in general that some of he Wranglers have been truer to size than most others. I understand that someone would be pissed that they received a jean that had a belt loop improperly sewed but this same person worked for a high end retail chain that had to return about 10% of the expensive high-end jeans for defects before being placed on the sales floor. Even then inconsistent sizing was an issue. Barring someone's fascination with the name of a clothing line, with few exceptions I really don't see much of a difference in quality between this 7 loop jean and a jean costing twice or more from other manufacturers including some (which is an irritant) from this same company. Unless someone is looking for a particular type of fit IMO the price justifies the purchase of this jean. I can beat the hell out of it, tear it up, put holes in it and not cry about it because 19 bucks for a decent fitting jean is CHEAP in this market. So what if there may be a defect in it. Return it and get another one. For me that's easier to stomach than having to return one costing much more and having to worry how much wear I'll get out of it. Cheap is good sometimes and not an exact indicator of quality. When I've done heavy duty work that puts more wear & tear pressure on the jean I've tended towards Carhartt. Great jean for wear & tear but an uncomfortable fit (for me) for every day casual & light work wear. As far as shrinkage goes, I wash all my clothing in cold water or dry clean it so I've never had a problem. How someone can wash anything cotton, whether Sanforized or not in hot water and not expect an issue is beyond me.
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