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Reviewed in the United States on December 17, 2018
After having mine for a month and wearing it daily at work here is my breakdown:

First off this review will be in the following categories
Form, function, reliability, and specs.

In terms of form I would give it 5/5 stars, just like you would expect from a Seiko it is a good looking watch, the bracelet is good for the price and also the case itself is high quality, I especially like the clear back piece which allows you to see the movement and the pulse of the regulator, it's a nice touch. In terms of function it's again not bad for the price point, although the Malaysian movement is unfortunately not able to keep as accurate of time as its Japanese counterpart, although compared to the discrepancy I heard with other users I consider mine running 5 minutes fast to be acceptable, especially for the lower price point, and hell if you suck at being on time from breaks like I am that may even be a selling point 4/5 for function. For reliability it has so far not stopped once even on days I haven't worn it for a day it still keeps on ticking and has taken its share of abuse with being on my wrist on my motorcycle and even whilst working on my cars. Reliability gets 5/5 now the specs are where it falters, it was advertised by this seller as water resistant to a greater degree than what the actual manual says, that's not on the manufacturer per se however since that was a selling point for myself and many buyers in the reviews I have to dock it for that. 3/5 for a grand total of 4/5 stars. I will update this at the 6 month and one year mark to illustrate how well it is working
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