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January 18, 2018
Finally! After suffering through several disappointing horror books, Rick Wood's "I Have the Sight" kicks off a promising 5 novel series. I was apprehensive about purchasing yet another unknown author's attempt at scares and chills; but, within the first 30 pages I was hooked.

Wood writes involved and believable characters, who may represent non-traditional social behavior; however, it's important to note that he does so without pushing any political issues. Despite having an atheist abuse survivor and his lesbian best friend as main protagonists, Wood never preaches at the reader nor advocates progressive PC propaganda.

Being a story about demons, it was believable (and a welcome change) that our atheist finds religion quickly after being confronted with paranormal evil. The latest trend in many of the horror novels I've encountered have been anti-religious, regardless of proof or situation. Not so here; the character takes a journey of discovery in which his newfound faith develops organically.

In addition to all this, the author made this introductory novel to this series free to download. And, in exchange for joining his fan club, two other novellas are available for free. Quite an offer.

To close, Rick Wood seems to be a talented writer who deftly spins a gripping paranormal yarn. I look forward to reading the other 4 books in the series.
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