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Reviewed in the United States on December 14, 2017
I love horror and have read so much, so I was excited to read this book.... and this book was so bad. The writing is jarring and painful to read. The main character is writing a blog that supposedly gets picked up by Fangoria but the writing is so childish and terrible, I would sue Paul Tremblay if I worked for Fangoria. The story is told through the main character reliving her memories of her 8 year old self and she constantly states that she can`t remember specific details since it was 15 years ago. But then the writing states crazy details such as what videos she deletes off of her video camera and their length

"I reviewed the day’s work and decided I could delete the following: my full-sprint tour of the house and backyard; the ten minutes of spy-camming who came in and out of the crew’s trailer; the eight minutes of long-distance footage of the Cox kids playing basketball in their driveway; my taping Jenn taping me, with her turning away from the camera first and giving me a raspberry; the footage of Marjorie’s closed door" (141).

I understand the novel wants to use the unreliable narrator trope, but it is so unrealistic how much detail is given about irrelevant things and, conveniently, leaves out large plot points because she "can't remember". The premise brings together exorcism and reality TV, which is unique, but it still wasn't anything new. They just bring together all the stereotypes from The Exorcist (puking, bed rattling, perverse female activity) and all the stereotypes of reality TV (focus on profit and fame, don't care about the family) and made a book about it. No new themes regarding these overused tropes were introduced. No originality, just regurgitated ideas.


So the ending....was extremely overhyped and just rushed. The entire book revolves around the breakdown of this family around mental illness and exorcism and media....and then the family is poisoned to death except the youngest. The End. This ending is so anticlimactic and just doesn't fit into the rest of the book. It would be the equivalent of watching John Carpenter's The Thing and watching MacReady die in his sleep. You write a story about mental illness and possession and then have the family die...with poison? It just doesn't fit the formula and will leave you feeling disappointed.

I just wouldn't recommend this book and lost a little respect for the Bram Stoker award
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