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March 10, 2018
Update July 9 2019,
This baby is still going strong, we used it to charge our phones on a trip to Vegas to see my son, and it made it alot easier since we only had one charger in the truck, this charged 2 cellphones and also when needed charged my wife's laptop.
And of course if needed to jump start it was ready because when we got to Vegas, the heat killed our battery, so luckily we had this, and was able to get her truck started again and off to O'Reilley's Auto Parts for a new battery.
It really does come in handy.

Only had this for a week, but so far I took it out of the package and it said 91% so I used it to start my TJ Jeep right up with a dead battery.
Sorry But I told my wife a new battery is too expensive at 180.00 and my batter is only around 3 years old.
This item for the last week has restarted my TJ about 4 times already and that's on the first 100% charge, and it still shows 100%.
When ever i go anywhere I put this in my jeep in case I see someone else needing a jump start, no more having to pull out my heavy jumper cables.
I will update this review later on in a few month and tell y'all how its doing.
and Thanx to SPARKY CHANNEL I bought this item. His review was really good and to the point,
If you haven't seen it yet here it is, he actually unhooks his car battery and just uses the power to start a 4banger with no problems. Now I do not know if it will do that for my 6 or a diesel but it still shows this baby has POWER!

Update: 03/20/2018
Since the day I got it and used it about 5 times it still showed 100%, Today I had to jump my Jeep since it has sat since about 2 weeks and the batt wasn't registering on the meter, and when I turned the key on my overhead light barely glowing went out. so I hooked the jumper up and it was red, waited a few secs, then I hit the booster, and then went to the ignition and whoa!!! IT STARTED!
Meter now says 99%
Not gonna charge it till it says 25% which they said to recharge it.
Will keep updating anything new for a while till it either dies or I update for a year.
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